School of Public Health

The Director of the School of public health, Tashkent medical Academy, Professor B.M. Mamatkulov, associate Professor G.S. Avezova and assistants Z.U. Adilova, D.Y. Ramanova, Z.T. Khaydarova visited secondary school № 26 of Yangiyul district. Round table on “Smoking is a waste of life” was held among 6 to 11 classes. Head of school M. B. Ergashev familiarized the students with the professorial teaching staff and masters of the School of public health. Then the Director of the School of public health prof. B.M. Mamatkulov made a presentation on the topic “Smoking is a waste of life”. The report outlined the effects of smoking and the criteria for a healthy lifestyle. At the end of the lecture there was a video presentation about the negative consequences of smoking.

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